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Helping Consumers Make The Most Of Every Dollar - Since 2004!

Friends of Consumer Freedom is honored to serve you!  We do that in two ways:

1)  We partner with credit unions to ensure you have access to their products and services.

2)  We provide free financial education and counseling through community partners, including non-profits, schools, credit unions, faith based organizations, employers and your local government.

Friends of Consumer Freedom is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in the heart of Collin County, TX.  Our mission is promoting financial capability and empowerment so individuals and families can achieve self-sustainability and financial freedom.  
Are you interested in Friends teaching a class or speaking to a group?
If you are interested in having FRIENDS speak to a group or teach a class on topics such as:

  • smart money management
  • surviving financial crisis
  • budgeting
  • credit
  • debt
  • home-buying
  • car-buying
  • kids and money
  • overcoming life events such as divorce, layoff, medical catastrophe or death of a loved one
  • planning for happy life events such as marriage, having a baby or sending someone to college get the picture.  We teach more than 40 one hour classes!  Contact us today!
Friends of Consumer Freedom
PO Box 250887
Plano, TX  75025-0887
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