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Dollar Wise Tips for Back-to-School Shopping

With school in full swing, you need to get your kids ready to start each day with everything they need.  Clothes, shoes, backpacks, supplies, it adds up quickly.  If you're not careful, back-to-school shopping can eat a big chunk of your budget.  However, with a little planning, there are plenty of ways to make your money go further before your children go back to class.
1.  Shop your own home. Take a look in your home's "junk drawer" for assorted pens, post-its and other office supplies.   

2.  Sales, Sales, Sales!
  Not just back-to-school sales, right now there are lots of end of summer sales, too for clothing, shoes, and the all important accessories!

3.  Learn to say no. 
Face it, kids want the latest, trendiest, most popular, and probably the most expensive gear out there.  Don't succumb.  They'll do fine with less costly stuff.  You can also tryy giving them a set amount to spend on "extra's"....and when it's gone, it's gone.

4. Buy in bulk.  Especially if you have multiple children, buying in bulk for basic supplies will definitely save you money!  On the other hand, don't overbuy other items that can easily be replaced later in the year. You can always restock later.
5.  Make the dollar store your friend!  The dollar store often has a good, inexpensive selection of the basics, and many times, name brands are included! 


Save your receipts! Most retailers will adjust the price of an item  if it goes on sale in the next week or two after you make your purchase.

Check your receipts against your credit card and debit card statements to guard against fraudulent charges.